Top Wine Destinations In The World

Many have been exploring their hometown vineyards to taste what locally grown grapes can produce. Visiting a vineyard is a wonderful experience where patrons can enjoy bottles of red or white while looking out over the gorgeous scenery usually associated with such places. After getting the feel for what an amazing wine tour experience can be, take a look at the most amazing win travel destinations where you can drink the best wine in the most beautiful places.

The Finger Lakes

Often overlooked, upstate New York has much to offer in wine categories. In particular the region has countyroad12_overlook_fallhistorically produced incredible Riesling. Over 100 wineries comprise the land mass surrounding the lakes. If some of your travel companions are not terrible inclined to drinking wine, the region also has impeccable micro-brewed beer.


On the border of Switzerland and France, this region of Italy sits on the mountainous top of the Italian boot. Drink wine while gazing above at the mysterious Alps, and spend the night in charming cottages across the countryside.

Hawkes Bay

Fans of Syrah, this may your destination. The variety is quickly becoming the area’s flagship wine. New Zealand offers incredible agricultural landscape as well as offering visitors to feel like they’re drinking wine in the general area of Westeros (filming location of Game Of Thrones).


Not just for kids! The city has some hitting power when it comes to food and drinks. Being able to find your favorite wine and vintage is not a problem after a long day at the amusement park.


Located in Spain’s northwest corridor, this area was originally settled by Celts and Visigoths providing with a rich culture.Spanish countrysides welcome visitors looking to tour and taste the local vintage as well as the impressive, fresh seafood.


British Columbia is known for having rich soil and beautiful mountains. It is no wonder it finds itself on Okanagan_Lake_from_the_Naramata_Bench_(7631780744)the list of the top vineyard destinations in the world. Looking for something more than just wine tasting? This region is home to many water sports, as well as outdoor activities.

Loire Valley

Carved by the river that bears its name, the valley hosts many gorgeous vinyards set to the landscape of the French countryside. Only an hour and a half from Paris by train this is the birthplace of the classic French cuisine we all know of today. A product of the bursts of enlightenment from the 1500s.

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