Top Wine Destinations In The World

Many have been exploring their hometown vineyards to taste what locally grown grapes can produce. Visiting a vineyard is a wonderful experience where patrons can enjoy bottles of red or white while looking out over the gorgeous scenery usually associated with such places. After getting the feel for what an amazing wine tour experience can be, take a look at the most amazing win travel destinations where you can drink the best wine in the most beautiful places.

The Finger Lakes

Often overlooked, upstate New York has much to offer in wine categories. In particular the region has countyroad12_overlook_fallhistorically produced incredible Riesling. Over 100 wineries comprise the land mass surrounding the lakes. If some of your travel companions are not terrible inclined to drinking wine, the region also has impeccable micro-brewed beer.


On the border of Switzerland and France, this region of Italy sits on the mountainous top of the Italian boot. Drink wine while gazing above at the mysterious Alps, and spend the night in charming cottages across the countryside.

Hawkes Bay

Fans of Syrah, this may your destination. The variety is quickly becoming the area’s flagship wine. New Zealand offers incredible agricultural landscape as well as offering visitors to feel like they’re drinking wine in the general area of Westeros (filming location of Game Of Thrones).


Not just for kids! The city has some hitting power when it comes to food and drinks. Being able to find your favorite wine and vintage is not a problem after a long day at the amusement park.


Located in Spain’s northwest corridor, this area was originally settled by Celts and Visigoths providing with a rich culture.Spanish countrysides welcome visitors looking to tour and taste the local vintage as well as the impressive, fresh seafood.


British Columbia is known for having rich soil and beautiful mountains. It is no wonder it finds itself on Okanagan_Lake_from_the_Naramata_Bench_(7631780744)the list of the top vineyard destinations in the world. Looking for something more than just wine tasting? This region is home to many water sports, as well as outdoor activities.

Loire Valley

Carved by the river that bears its name, the valley hosts many gorgeous vinyards set to the landscape of the French countryside. Only an hour and a half from Paris by train this is the birthplace of the classic French cuisine we all know of today. A product of the bursts of enlightenment from the 1500s.

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Travel To Your Favorite TV Show

Are you a TV buff? Can’t get enough of your favorite shows? Tv networks are wising up to the fanatic ways of TV series fans by enticing them to come visit the places that are frequented on the show. Downton Abbey fans, you can spend a night at the Highclere Castle, location of the show. Stay at the guest quarters and feel Winterfell | Ari kellenlike you are in the show at the front of the complex called London Lodge.

Other domestic destinations are seeing an influx of tourists as Albuquerque is seeing Breaking Bad Fans touring the streets, and Georgia is hosting more and more Walking Dead buffs. Visitors can take a walking tour of the hospital and CDC featured in the show led by Walking Dead extras, or…. zombies.

For those wishing to bask in the glory days of advertising and fitted suits, tourists can walk up and down Madison avenue along with other iconic Manhattan streets to taste old fashions and other 60’s style cocktails. If you plan on going, they recommend dressing to impress, to fit in and get the full experience.

Trying to run through the countryside north of the Wall from Game of Thrones? Visit northern Ireland to breathe the fresh air and feel the bite of winter just like your favorite characters. You might not find Winterfell but hey, at least you will be close enough to say you were north of the Wall.

What would a tourist article be without mentioning the mind-blowing Harry Potter World. Have a drink at Hogsmeade before you attempt to escape from Gringotts. Then take a stroll down Diagon Alley to visit Ollivanders wand shop. Maybe you would like to pick up some quidditch supplies.

Options are available for you to experience the places what you watch on TV every week, it is up to you to make the decision to go for it! Be sure to keep exploring and have a great time.

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Top Destination for 2015, Cuba Among Top Places

A couple weeks after the Obama administration lifted the travel ban to Cuba many habitual travellers have pegged the island country as their number one destination for 2015. Travel Leaders Group announced in its 2015 trends survey that Cuba is emerging as a top spot for luxury vacationers. They compile the data from about 850 travel experts and managers.Cuban-beaches-zc

The country is an untouched paradise for American travelers as there has not been a legal way to get there from the U.S. for many decades. Such time passing has created much demand for exploration around the island.

While Cuba is a place of interest, European travel continues to dominate the travel volume as they offer river and Mediterranean cruises along with historical destinations for academic buffs. Europe offers a balance of the old and new world and the possibility to do it in style and comfort. Other destinations are creeping up on the European demand, including African safaris, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Croatia and Vietnam.

Any of these destinations not tickling your fancy? the rest of the top ten destinations from North America are Australia, England, Baltic cruises, Germany, Ireland, and South Africa.

The emergence of a stronger U.S. dollar has driven travel abroad, coupled with dropping fuel costs along with airfare ticket prices. It seems that 2015 will shape up to be a big year in tourism for Americans looking to take advantage of the economic atmosphere. If you are looking for the most bang for your buck head to the Euro-zone as our dollar is doing well against the EU at the moment.

At the moment, northern Europe is seeing a higher influx of tourism than southern Europe where cruises are usually launched. If trying to find a deal, aim towards the Mediterranean.

How ever you travel, and wherever you travel, be sure to have fun and take pictures!

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