Best Noodles in Astoria

pho noodlesAll gluten aside, few things are better than a big bowl of noodles.  Whether you’re enjoying spaghetti, pad thai or ramen, they’re carb-y goodness that can help fill you up and, when it’s cold outside, warm you up.  It’s hardly surprising that in recent years there’s been a major interest in Asian noodle soups, particularly Vietnamese pho and Japanese ramen.  Lucky for you, every neighborhood in New York seems to have great places to get a helping of noodles.  I recently came across an article that features some of the best noodle spots in Astoria, Queens, which I’ve shared below:

Trattoria L’incontro: This is the perfect place for the special occasion that you’re craving a full Italian dinner of pasta.  The type of noodles here are diverse: lasagna, fettuccine and ravioli, just to name a few select choices.

The Queens Kickshaw: Even though it’s a coffee house first and foremost, Queens Kickshaw has a surprisingly diverse menu: unbeatable grilled cheeses, fun craft beers and, more recently, a delicious vegetarian ramen.

Vite Vinosteria: The author of the article spoke about how she and some of her colleagues recently came to this excellent restaurant, where the pasta, specifically ravioli and tagliatelle, were major standouts.

Tamashii Ramen: With no shortage of choices for vegetarians and meat-lovers, Tamashii is a great place for noodles, located right on Broadway.  The Champon bowl, topped with seafood and featuring a slightly spicy broth, is one major feature.

Brick Cafe: You can get a lot of great things here, and the pasta is no exception.  Two particularly notable examples are their wild bucatini ragu (featuring wild boar in a red wine sauce) and linguini mare nero.

HinoMaru Ramen: Located right of Ditmars, this is sure to satisfy the ramen-seeker in you.  Tonkotsu, with a creamy pork broth, is one of their signature dishes.spaghetti and meatballs

Wave Thai: Also located on Ditmars, this is perfect for those whose preferences lean more towards Thai than Japanese.

Pye Boat Noodle: Few things are more comforting than a large serving of pad see ew, and few places can do it better than this authentic Thai restaurant on Broadway.

Vesta: It’s hard to go wrong here.  If there’s ever a pasta special on the menu, then you’ll be in for a treat.

Ornella Trattoria: This cozy restaurant has everything you’d want for Italian: both reliable Italian standbys and more inventive options, such as hemp or chickpea flour pastas.  Pasta di Castagna, a chestnut flour pasta in a cream and pistachio sauce with truffle oil, is one of the more noteworthy examples.

60 Beans: Much like Queens Kickshaw, 60 beans has evolved from a coffee shop into something even more beautiful, in this case a go-to Ditmars dinner spot.  Their pasta selections are exceptional, especially the burnt leek reginette, featuring braised lamb and creamy ricotta.