Tips to Save When Traveling

Vacation, me-time, relaxation. These are all valued parts of our time away from work, but how we decide to spend out travel money can often leave us unfulfilled. There are certain ways to make sure that where you travel to, what you spend on, and the activities you choose to participate in are going to give you the best return (happiness) on your payment.

Going to the popular place in the popular season

Want to take the kids to Disney during summer break? So does every other couple, which drives prices up for hotels, park passes, and everything else under the sun in the sunshine state. Try to schedule your park appearance in a winter month, it will still be warm and there will less crowds along with being easier on your wallet.

Room ServiceAri kellen

While staying at a hotel can make you feel like a prince or princess, it does not mean your bank account reflects your inner royalty. Room service is always a great idea when you do not feel like walking to the elevator but it is always littered in surcharges and delivery fees. That money could be better spent on a different activity rather than being lazy and eating where you sleep.

Wi-Fi Payments

High end hotels often charge for the service that hooks up your computer to the ever-elusive internet. It can be worth getting online to plan activities and find directions, but at nearly $15 a day, that money can be saved. Simply walk down to the lobby and hop on the computers in the “business room” for free access.

Guided Tours

Guided tours are often overpriced and offer information you can gather on your own prior to seeing the sights. Add a little time on the front end of your trip to get to know where you are going to be and you can save yourself a little bit of money.

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