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There are not many things better than quality, reliable luggage when travelling, except smart luggage of course. The latest trend in smart technology has hit travel luggage aiming to make your voyages as comfortable and convenient as possible. Below you will find the latest in cutting edge technology that will keep you entertained, and keep your things safe among other features.

picture of andiamo iq
Andiamo iQ

The Planet Traveler Space Case 1 is rumored to be the most technologically advanced suitcase on the market once it hits stores this fall. Decked out with Bluetooth speakers, global tracking, and fingerprint identification locks, you will always have peace of mind when it comes to what you check while at the airport.

Andiamo iQ is an italian phrase for “lets go” and its technology backs up its name. Small features pack big value into this USB accessory-ridden charging station built into the body of the suitcase. It also sports a digital scale, remote lock, and anti theft system.

The Samsonite Geo TrakR allows owners to track their luggage at any time any place. With smart technology, this suitcase will automatically shut itself off mid flight so it does not screw with in-flight instruments.

The TAB Seatback Pocket Organizer is a dream for germaphobes on airplanes. Unbeknownst to many travelers the seat pockets are some of the dirtiest places you can find in an airplane. This organizer is designed to take the grime out of flying by bringing your own hang up pockets. Six separate compartments for devices slide easily into the seatback pocket offering a clean space for your gadgets.

The LeTrav Convertible Carrying Case will protect your documents and computer/tablets from inclement weather while also being stylish. A leather briefcase can quickly convert to a water resistant backpack for inclement weather. Transformers have successfully infiltrated luggage.

LugLoc features an app and tracking gizmo that stays in your bag. Shutting off mid flight it is mid-air safe and allows for tracking with GSM and Bluetooth technology from your phone via an app.

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