Experiential Travel

Experiential travel is a term that should almost be assumed having the word “travel” in it. Visiting new places is about the experience one has while there, along with the people they meet. In our age of experience sharing it has become a trend to showcase what others in different parts of the world can do.ras_5453

Once upon a time, travelling meant taking pictures in front of the aesthetic sights to be seen around the world. A deeper version of experience travel is the connections that can be made throughout a journey between fellow travellers or with the local people and culture. A tip for how travelers can get closer to the communities you are visiting is to adopt the practice of “going local”.

One way to get a grasp on how a culture operates and interacts is through their food. Take a cooking class, that way you can have a deeper insight into the food that makes their culture special and where the best places to eat are (usually locals only). It is not only a wonderful way to bond with local inhabitants, but also bring a skill, not just a souvenir home from a distant land.

Tourist traps are a real and present doom everywhere you go. Think about your local tourist hot spot where you are from. The food is not quite as good, the people are all not from the area, and it is usually crowded and stinky. Apply this knowledge to your vacation travel and get off the beaten tourist path to find the hidden gems that never get old for the locals.

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