Travelling as a Minimalist Pt. 2

Now that we know the basics of how to travel light and comfortably, let’s looks at why you should choose to wear the same clothes and save your back from “heavy carryon syndrome”. Avoid lower back problems and the paradox plenty with this list below:

Save yourself from frustration

Land, get off the plan and go. There is no waiting around for your checked bag to come around the turnstile, it’s just you your backpack and your destination to explore. By not having a checked bag, you also dodge the possibility that your airline may lose your precious clothing. Headache saver.

Cheaper flight costs

For the cheaper airlines, they charge extra to check a bag or bring a carry on that is too big. Save your wallet some stress by learning to pack light and live off of little so you can take the cheapest flight available!


There is no accommodating a large bag or suitcase when you’re a minimalist on the go. Let’s say you want to go from the airport to a restaurant to meet friends. Cannot happen with a large bag, but if you have a simple backpack, it saves you the hassle of having to account for large items.

Avoid looking the part of a tourist

In New York, we can spot tourist by their open mouths and heads tilted upwards, but also from their enormous bags that are being dragged around. Chances are you will not look the part of a tourist when you travel with a smaller bag. This can then lead to less risk of being taken advantage of by schemers and pick-pockets.

You do not need so much

Cyril Northcote Parkinson stated that work expands to fill the time that it allocated towards it. The same goes for luggage space. If you have a huge bag, you’re going to fill it up because, why not? Be realistic about what you need and how you can pack it. It makes everything easier.

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