Must Haves For Travel

Travelling is a fun and adventurous hobby, but as vacationers are planning what to bring with them some important key items can be left behind. Do not be that traveller that gets to their hotel and and has that “oh no” moment. Bring the following items with you everywhere you travel.

USB wiresUnknown

Having USB ports for you infinite amount of electronics is a necessity in today’s world. Without power is the equivalent to being without knowledge in many cases. Airports and hotels alike have an incredible amount of ports for your cameras, phones, tablets, watches, Google Glasses, etc.


Whether travelling to warm or cold climes, odds are you will catch a chill. Airports are air conditioned to maximum effect, as are airplanes. A sweatshirt can turn a shivering trip into a comfortable nap time. It is always better to err on the side of caution when it comes to chilly temps. Remember, even in the desert it gets very cold at night.

Combination Lock

Keeping with the cautious theme, lock your luggage so nobody can rifle through your checked bags. You will be thankful when your new shoes arrive back home in your suitcase and not in someone’s eBay account.

Travel ID, Itinerary

A classic mistake is forgetting identification while travelling. Do not make this mistake as it is so easy to make!

First Aid Kit

Bumps, bruises, scratches and cuts happen, be ready for them with a travel sized first aid kit. Many people also discover food allergies while on vacation so be prepared with an epipen! Lastly, folks tend to get over served at dinner or while out on the town. Be sure to pack some advil.

Pack these items every trip you take and you will be able to fall back on your great planning come a time of need.

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