Travel To Your Favorite TV Show

Are you a TV buff? Can’t get enough of your favorite shows? Tv networks are wising up to the fanatic ways of TV series fans by enticing them to come visit the places that are frequented on the show. Downton Abbey fans, you can spend a night at the Highclere Castle, location of the show. Stay at the guest quarters and feel Winterfell | Ari kellenlike you are in the show at the front of the complex called London Lodge.

Other domestic destinations are seeing an influx of tourists as Albuquerque is seeing Breaking Bad Fans touring the streets, and Georgia is hosting more and more Walking Dead buffs. Visitors can take a walking tour of the hospital and CDC featured in the show led by Walking Dead extras, or…. zombies.

For those wishing to bask in the glory days of advertising and fitted suits, tourists can walk up and down Madison avenue along with other iconic Manhattan streets to taste old fashions and other 60’s style cocktails. If you plan on going, they recommend dressing to impress, to fit in and get the full experience.

Trying to run through the countryside north of the Wall from Game of Thrones? Visit northern Ireland to breathe the fresh air and feel the bite of winter just like your favorite characters. You might not find Winterfell but hey, at least you will be close enough to say you were north of the Wall.

What would a tourist article be without mentioning the mind-blowing Harry Potter World. Have a drink at Hogsmeade before you attempt to escape from Gringotts. Then take a stroll down Diagon Alley to visit Ollivanders wand shop. Maybe you would like to pick up some quidditch supplies.

Options are available for you to experience the places what you watch on TV every week, it is up to you to make the decision to go for it! Be sure to keep exploring and have a great time.

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