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The latest travel news is coming out of the cruise liner industry as well as LAX and Mt. Kilimanjaro. It’s the beginning of the busiest travel season in North America and the headlines are reflecting the warmer climates.Unknown

This past Saturday, Haimark Line, a small-ship cruise line debuted its new luxury service with a 10 day trip from Montreal, Canada to Portland, Me. As new cruise ship companies often due, they are starting as a one ship show specializing in rivers and oceans. They will keep their cruise offerings in North America with a French Canadian Maritime & Coastal Atlantic lines running from late may to early June and through late October. Haimark not only provides sights to be seen, but also guest lecturers. With the inaugural lecturer being Dan Rather, the TV anchor.

Los Angeles International Airport is the largest hub for Pacific Rim travelers coming out of the continental U.S. After looking at their booked flights they came out with a startling projection early this week. On Monday, July 27, an estimated 245,000 passengers will board planes to travel to a destination far away. In this 24 hour span that will be one of the most traveled day of the year for LAX. There are plenty of reasons for such a surge in travelers this summer. LAX has been using more large airplanes opening up more seats per flight, while plane ticket prices have been manageable due to the decreased cost of oil.

Out of Mount Kilimanjaro, a “charity trek” is scheduled for three separate dates this year as a part of Intrepid Travel’s Trek for a Cause. Two climbs up the iconic Mountain were made last year, raising more than $40,000 for local educational programs. Each climb is an 8 day event which costs $2,215 Australian. Climbing this famous mountain can now be joined with benefitting the local teachers of the surrounding area.

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