Travel Companies Take Over Your Inbox

Big data has taken over business marketing in the 21st century making its way into nearly every single industry, even travel. A recent study suggests that non-business travelers receive 6 messages a day from travel sites they have booked trips on, or shopped with. Business travelers are likely to receive as many as 11 messages a day offering deals or promoting specials. While many couponers may love this bombardment of stimuli, the vast majority of travelers are becoming quite frustrated with the big data outreach. 60% of customers who receive these messages admit to not reading or accepting such outreach from companies.Unknown-3

An Irish data mining company, Boxever undertook the task to find out why so many frequent travelers are shunning travel companies emails. Their conclusion, travel companies are doing a very poor job using the data at their disposal. Lack of personalization and overreaching has put them in the dog house with their key customers.

The result of the poor marketing is taking a direct toll to companies brand loyalty. Those customers with an app to aid travel plans are likely to delete the app, and unsubscribe to newsletters from an annoying company. It turns out no matter what the contact chanel, bad marketing burns bridges.

If you are among some of these people who have become very upset with the multiple emails per day from travel sites, never fear because Boxever may be to the rescue for your inbox and the airline firms. They are courting travel companies through their studies to show value in their big data services. Should they win over a few contracts, you might be receiving less emails, with better deals and alternative upgrades. Who does not want to sit in business class at a coach price? Until then, I would unsubscribe to these pesky inbox intruders.

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Startups For Travel

Love to travel but also have an inclination for responsibility? A few new startups are pioneering a different way to travel for those who are focused on things other than just arriving at their destination.


This platform is a way for travelers to connect with fitness instructors where they are for any given amount of time. For the fitness-oriented bunch that hates taking days off, this is a great way for them to find yoga instructors, cycling classes and weigh the experience based on past users.


In a world where we have all become more eco-friendly, travelling in a way that has the least impact on the environment has become a top priority for many. For travellers looking to stay in “green” hotels, this is a way to find exactly that. The platform will list hotels and ranks them in order of their “green rating”.


For those looking to travel to Bhutan, this is a way to navigate the booking process that comes with a visit to the area. The steps to obtain a visa and bypass government roadblocks are difficult to those who are unfamiliar with the process, this is a way to ease the headache a tourist might encounter.


There are so many booking platforms on the web in today’s internet, it leaves a traveller spending hours sifting through sites to find the best deal in the best location. Orbirental is an app that aims to simplify the booking process and find you the best deal no matter the platform it lives on. Scanning sites such as Airbnb, Someway, and ARBO, this app plans on streamlining the process in order to increase response time, increase occupancy and user experience.

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