Best Days to Travel

Love to travel but hate to shell out an absurd amount of money to get to your destination? Buying a plane ticket has its tips and tricks along with every other aspect of travelling. Many travel experts will tell you that the golden period to buy a ticket is three months prior to your planned dates. This rule does not apply to every region of travel though. Below is a list of destinations that can be travelled to and the amount of time you prior you should book your flights.

North America-2 weeks priorAirplane- Travel- Ari Kellen
Central America- 3 months prior
Africa- 2 months prior
Asia- 7 months prior
Carribean- 4 months prior
Europe- 1 month prior
South America- 5 months prior
Middle East- 5 months prior
South Pacific- 3 months prior

Travel days matter as well when looking for rates. It is safe to assume that most people travelling short distances will want to take a weekend and leave Friday afternoon, while returning Sunday night or Monday morning. Airlines are smart and hike rates for rush hour days and times. If you are planning on flying long distance try to book a flight for the middle of the week (Thursday is best), and return in the middle of the week (between Tuesday and Thursday). If you are trying to leave in those in demand times, see the list below to manage your costs on certain days.

North America- leave Wednesday- return Tuesday
Central America- leave Thursday- return Tuesday
Africa- leave Monday- return Thursday
Asia- leave Tuesday- return Tuesday
Caribbean- leave Thursday- return Thursday
Europe- leave Thursday- return Sunday
South America- leave Thursday-return Monday
Middle East- leave Wednesday- return Monday
South Pacific- leave Tuesday- return Wednesday

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