About Ari

Ari Kellen Travel
Ari Kellen is a cultured young man with a passion for travel.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” This quote by Augustine of Hippo is the exact feeling of Ari Kellen, New York City Native and college junior. Ari Kellen is an avid traveler, having had the great opportunity to travel the world with his parents from a very young age. His love for travel has only grown through the years.

Ari Kellen and his parents spend most of their summers at their summer home in the Hamptons. When they are not in the Hamptons or at their Upper West Side home in Manhattan, the Kellens can be found anywhere on the globe. For each trip they take, Ari’s parents try to make their experience adventurous, educational, and relaxing. Sometimes, these trips are taken for business reasons, as Ari Kellen’s dad is a banker and his mother an editor of an elite publication based in Manhattan, and is currently writing a book. They both have clients located Nationally and Internationally.

Some of Ari’s most memorable and meaningful trips have been in South America and Europe. Ari Kellen visited Argentina when he was 6 years old. He vividly remembers the beautiful mountains and valleys of Cordoba, the second largest city in Argentina. The scenery was far different from his usual NYC skyline. Ari was so inspired by the Spanish culture and architecture. When he was 14, Ari visited Sicily. Having been to Italy twice before, Ari connected with Sicily the most. Here is where he learned of romance and spirituality. The language, the faith and the women were what Ari Kellen found most intriguing and beautiful.

Some other places that Ari has traveled to outside of the U.S. with his family are Barbados, Saint Martin, Turks and Caicos, Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, Greece, Ireland, India and the Czech Republic. Within the U.S., Ari Kellen has some favorites in which he plans to buy property in one or more someday. These favorite American states are Colorado, California, Illinois, and Georgia. He has traveled to each of these places at least twice in his life and plans to frequent them for as long as he can. Ari says that these places make him feel “at home.”

Ari Kellen plans on taking one last trip before the end of 2014, but is undecided where that will be. In the near future, he will spend a semester of college in South Africa. In addition, he plans to spend a Semester at Sea, also in the very near future. His goal for 2015 is to make it to two new countries and spend some time in Hawaii, probably during the Spring.

It goes without saying, Ari Kellen is an extremely cultured young man. With travel, comes culture, and with culture comes many learning experiences. Ari is fearless and determined. Each of these qualities allow him to make the most of his trips. An added bonus from traveling, is Ari’s fluency in the Spanish and Italian languages. Ari Kellen has been taking Spanish classes since he was 7 years old, and has been fluent since he was about 11. He began learning Italian after his trip to Sicily at age 14. In one dedicated, Ari became fluent.

Growing up a traveler has inspired the passion that lies in Ari today. If it weren’t for his early introduction to long flights and foreign countries, languages, and cultures, Ari Kellen may not have gotten the opportunity to love travel the way he does today. Ari lives by the quote “Travel far enough, you meet yourself” ― David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas.